May 7, 2015

5 Absolutely Drool Worthy Websites!

So I was on a hunt for absolutely stunning food websites on a dull day for some inspiration to think beyond the usual and guess what, I don’t know if I feel as inspired as I am hungry!

Here goes my list that you MUST NOT MISS! (click on the images to visit respective website)

1) For Better Coffee: You will fall in love with this journey of a coffee bean.It’s clean, bright and modern in its approach. I love how it imparts information visually and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.





2) Eat Me Ice-cream: Pastel ice-creamy colors, bold fonts and subtle animation make this website delicious, I bet it will give you a sugar rush.




3) Quo Vadis: This website captures the old world charm with its black and white hand drawn look and old newspaper layout. Every page of the website is so well integrated with the look and doesn’t fail to impress.

quo vadis


4) Gnosh: Though the chalkboard look is not innovative, the freshness of this website is very pleasing to look at. The contrast of blackboard with vegetables and dishes look stunning.





5)  Chickenbot: Modern and clean, this website is all about food. Large image and orange color is appetizing, clever use of icons and numbers make the website look interesting.

chicken bot