December 21, 2015

5 great apps to learn new skills

We often feel a lack of skills at work, lack of recreational activities, the lack of time to follow that something you have always wanted to do or just plain boredom after spending mundane years of doing the same thing eight hours everyday. What if you could use those extra minutes in the washroom, on your ride to work or just when you take break from work or household chores? Have you ever imagined what those few minutes everyday could add to your life? Here are our 5 favourite picks you can check out. You can learn just about anything, all you need is a smart phone and a few minutes spare everyday.


5) Craftsy : Craftsy has tonnes of paid online courses in various crafts like gardening, quilling, quilting, sewing, cooking etc. So get off your screen and get your hands dirty. Craftsy app is also available on iOS and android. visit site


4) Squareknot : Squareknot brings you step-by-step guides to various activities curated by a smart team of people. You can even make your own step-by-step guide to simple stuff.  Squareknot is free to use, so go ahead and use it for all your projects. visit site


3) Duolingo : Duolingo gives you easy to follow lessons on any language that you choose to learn. Each language is divided into various stages with levels in each, its visual, interactive and game-like format makes it fun and addictive. You can even decide how much time you want to spend on it each day, with a maximum of 20 minutes. The best part is that it’s free and ad-free too, you can download it on your smartphone to make the best out of it. visit site



2) Onemonth : Onemonth offers many courses in online computer programming coding, and business courses, the catch is that all of them are designed to be completed in one month. Courses are structured with quick guides and easy to follow videos to accelerate learning in a fast paced lifestyle. visit site


1) Google Primer :  Google primer is the fastest and simplest marketing lesson you will ever get. Enjoy visually stimulating interactive lessons while sitting in the back-seat of your car or waiting for someone at a restaurant, it can’t get faster and better! visit site