November 7, 2017

5 reasons why startups need PR

Startups, sounds familiar? Well of course, this concept of coming up with not so niche business ideas in varied domains have become quite a trend now. There are startups curated for food delivery, e-commerce and even laundry. But how does the general public know about these startups? There are 100s of such startups that get launched and shut every day. How do you make sure your startup has reached your audience, creates a buzz in town and does not add to the list of the ones that got shut?

The answer is right here! Hire a PR agency. You ask why your startup needs a PR agency. Well, let us get your queries answered. Here are top 5 reasons of why startups and PR are made for each other.




  1. Introduce the startup to the world 

Not having your startup featured in that news publication or talked about among the industry experts would be like creating an amazing car but keeping it in your garage. Startups need coverage, they need to be known to its audience and that is exactly what PR does. PR gets your startup the kind of exposure it needs and helps your business bloom. Brand awareness always tops PR’s list.


  1. PR is lighter on your pocket

Let’s talk business. For a business venture like startup, one needs at least a year or two to break even. And at the time when you are not even minting profits, you definitely do not want to shell out those wads of notes on advertising. That is where PR comes into light. Hiring a PR agency and choosing an appropriate plan, be it monthly, quarterly or yearly (differs from agency to agency) can save you almost thrice the amount that you could have otherwise spent on advertising.


  1. Not just publishing the company but also the spokesperson

This is pretty much a BOGO deal. By investing in a PR agency, you are not just generating coverage for your startup but also yourself. You are obviously an expert in the domain that your startup belongs to, so why not showcase yourself as an industry expert and make yourself a mini-celebrity. Glamour and stardom come handy with media.

PR agency


  1. Explaining the complex startup idea to the AamAadmi

Most of the startups are not based on simple theories and concepts and can be intricate and baffling at times. You as an expert and curator of the startup will not feel the same but your audience might find it difficult to decipher the concept. An expert would usually find it hard to showcase his/her idea in simple words as that would take away the beauty of it. So leave that job to the PR professional. They will spin the idea in a simple yet attractive way to pull that target ” aamaadmi” of yours.


  1. Frequently feeding the media pipeline

After venturing into a startup, it is not necessary that you have to do something new and attention-worthy at frequent intervals. So how do you maintain that presence in the media? The PR agency is here for your rescue. They tend to generate media queries based on different angles and features of your company to ensure the inflow of new features.


Anymore doubts why your startup needs to plunge in a PR agency? I am sure there aren’t any.