November 1, 2017

8 effective ways to overcome mental block


A creative mind knows no bounds. The hand will always twitch, the eye shall always wonder and creative juices will beg to flow. Sometimes it takes a little push for the bird to spread its wings and fly. “Being stuck” is a common complaint amongst creative beings and all we need sometimes is a little nudge to set us free of the dreadful comfort zone. Here are a few ways you can comfortably hop over the hurdle of a creative road-block and spread your wings!


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1. Step away and smell the roses:

Sometimes the best way to find a solution is to simply stop actively thinking about it. Overthinking generates mundane and mediocre work while it should quite do the opposite. The answer is to step out, take a walk, read a book, or pick up a challenge – writing, sketching, playing an instrument etc. Let the idea marinade slowly in your head and prepare for magic!


Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

2. Switch Off:

Even your laptop needs a break. With a plethora of information being bombarded at all from all sides everyday, one often suffers from mental fatigue. Little or no energy and bandwidth is left for things we actually want to do. Try to disconnect from all except mandatory communication for a few hours at length. Perhaps switch off your phone internet and only check your e-mails thrice during your working hours, it will help in retaining momentum of your work and will make your day more productive. Besides, your thumb needs a break too!

work desk

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3. Change the setting :

When you are really stuck, change your usual work desk to somewhere else, you may be surprised how fast you recover from the block. Change of scenery can do wonders to a tired brain.

4. Seek nature :

Go out for a jog/walk or just sit in a park and observe things around you. Please do not carry your phone along, it will do a world of good to you. If at all you cannot do without it, perhaps switch off the internet and put on some soothing music.


Photo by Amanda Sandlin on Unsplash

5. Give yourself a break :

Every once in a while do something you don’t usually do. For example, go for trekking or perhaps play a board game with friends, solve jigsaw puzzles or have a go at Lego blocks, go for a food walk. Since a creative professional’s work always keeps them on their toes, doing mundane can do a world of good and is quite a refreshing change.

6. Do nothing :

You have to understand the power of doing nothing. In our times, this is a huge challenge, we are now programmed to not ‘do nothing’. When we are doing nothing we are actually surfing the net, or watching TV, you need to absolutely do nothing, do not actively engage in anything for perhaps 20 minutes, your mind will come back on track. Keep your eyes closed for this one.

7. Commit to a hobby :

Do you wish to write someday, perhaps learn to paint, or doodle or sing. Take some time aside, even as less as 5 minutes should do and start your day with that activity everyday. It could be just about anything, commit to that activity.


Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash

8. Go for an artists date :

Julia Cameron in her book ‘the artist’s way’ insists that going for an artist’s date is a great tool for self-recovery. You could just about do anything that you find fun to do, spend hours in a stationery shop, show some sunshine to your camera lying since forever in the cupboard, perhaps check out an art gallery or a museum.