February 26, 2018

Trust Me, I'm Lying

5 must-read books for every PR Professional

  Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar you spent. “What I wonder is why everybody doesn’t carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life”, said the great Stephen King.     We at Wishbox Studio second Stephen King’s thought of books not just

February 19, 2018


Media FAM Trips: What, Why & How?

  Public Relations Professionals, journalists, and bloggers are familiar with the concept of familiarization trips fondly known as FAM, which acquaints the media with the brand, destination and/or service. These can either be group trips or individual trips depending on the availability of media professionals/bloggers or need of the brand/company. FAM trips are generally perceived

February 12, 2018


Is there no such thing as BAD PUBLICITY?

  Often we have heard people saying “Every publicity is good publicity” and we have observed the filmmakers and the stars relentlessly engaging in promoting their films. These days, publicity and controversies are the major defining factors for the Bollywood movies as it increases the level of curiosity in the audience. With each passing day,

February 5, 2018

India Art Festival

Art events to look out for in February, 2018

India is the most diverse and culturally rich country. We see a cultural and language shift every 50 kilometers where the shift is more in terms of art. This ‘Unity in Diversity’ from across the country can be experienced at various art events and festivals that happen year round in various cities of India. February

January 29, 2018

Watch The Watch

How to nail those Pitch Calls?

The generic PR activity consists of rolling out a pitch note or a press release via email. If/when the journalist is interested in your story idea he/she might respond but how many times has it happened that you received a revert from all of them? Well, you cannot really blame the journalists for not responding

January 25, 2018


Under the Influence

2018 has been termed as the year of “Influencer Marketing”. So what exactly is influence marketing? According to Pixlee, “Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on targeting the key industry leaders to drive brand message and awareness to a specific market of consumers.” Let alone the definition, this increasing fad is much

January 22, 2018


The Rise of the Gradients!

Colour is powerful. Colour is an evolution and holds the power to change, integrate and even have us perceive it in many different ways. We’re in a new age, a new year and we’re already witnessing a very different colour era. Design refers to this as the comeback of the flat design era. It seems

January 17, 2018

PR person

Things every PR person is tired of hearing

Working as a PR Consultant/Manager? If that was a loooouuuddd YES, then what follows are some one-liners and questions that you often get asked. That ‘Totally Relatable’ kind of content. Also, if you are not a PR Professional and thinking “Why am I even reading​ this?” then let me tell you that even you’ll relate to this

January 11, 2018


Typography through the Eras!

  We’re continually evolving as humans, we’ve all come from a past we’re thankful about. Be it the wars our country may have been a part of or the technology that has slowly evolved through the ages. For once we’re leaving behind personal fables, politics and even revolutions and are instead venturing out to witness

January 3, 2018


Make 2018 fruitful with these easy to follow Resolutions

New Year and Resolutions are like “Mac and Cheese” as it​ always goes​ hand in hand. 2018 has just started and like every year most of us must be grappling to keep our resolutions ​intact. The common resolution ​are to avoid junk, read more books, learn to drive etc but amidst all this we do not really think

December 28, 2017


2017 in a Nutshell!

 2017 has been a successful year for our clients and for us. Here is a round up of the key milestones achieved by our clients and us. Wish you all a very successful 2018.   Bang & Olufsen opened its stores in Mumbai– Gone are the days when audiophiles had to ask their relatives to

December 14, 2017

Barsys pic

From Gadgets to Skincare Products, we have covered it all!

We are at the fag end of 2017 with Christmas and New Years right around the corner. If you are looking for options to gift your loved ones or a quick weekend getaway to celebrate the coming of the New Year in style,then you’re in luck. Choose some amazing products from the plethora of clients

December 7, 2017


Brands that trolled their rivals and how

Brand trolling has been around the corner since a decade now. Trolling the rivals on social media or billboards had always managed to grab the eye balls of the general public. It has now become an efficient way of marketing the brand or simply keeping it in the limelight. Brands like Flipkart & Snapdeal; McDonalds

November 21, 2017

pizza and pr

Pizza & PR- Sounds so different yet so similar

  We know we have been posting some serious blogs about PR lately. Don’t worry! What you are about to read is not only fun but will leave you hungry and craving for some cheesy pizza by the end. For better understanding, we suggest reading this blog post with a slice of oh so yummy

November 20, 2017

graphic designer


  Evernote This app is perfect for the creative scatterbrain. Anyone looking to organise their ideas and notes throughout the day should make this their go-to app. It can save content from multiple media- text, photos, handwriting and even rough sketches, making this the perfect scrapbook for creative inspiration. It also integrates across platforms, so

November 16, 2017


Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate PR

Public Relations (PR) as​ an industry is as dynamic as the weather. It is always on the changing sphere and is not​ just about rolling out press releases in the media. With the advancement of technology we have gone way ahead in this business. But there are certain phoenixes like pointers that are going to last no matter

November 14, 2017

Public relations

Current developing areas in PR

  Initially, PR was all about dissemination of press releases and getting the client featured in the newspapers/ magazines but the tables have been turned and PR has undergone an evident metamorphosis. The reasons for advancement in the roles of PR range from amelioration of technology, boosting of social media to the increased awareness of

November 10, 2017


Why you should give up sex and dedicate your life to graphic design

Think we’re making this up? Sex and graphic design are very similar and for anyone with an overactive creative mind, we suggest keeping your naughty thoughts in check and focusing only on creativity!   THE FIRST TIME Sweaty palms, a fluttering heart and a nascent, but slowly growing feeling of nausea- The first time lurks

November 9, 2017


PR is equivalent to Advertising- A Myth

‘Advertising you pay for, Public Relations you pray for.’ Though the dictum is an old one, it still holds true to its value. People often confuse PR to any form of advertising. How many times have you been asked as a PR practitioner if you work at an advertising agency? I am sure the answer is-

November 7, 2017


5 reasons why startups need PR

Startups, sounds familiar? Well of course, this concept of coming up with not so niche business ideas in varied domains have become quite a trend now. There are startups curated for food delivery, e-commerce and even laundry. But how does the general public know about these startups? There are 100s of such startups that get launched