January 19, 2016

The Challenge of the Blank Canvas

The Challenge of the Blank Canvas - Graphic Designer - Wishbox Studio
I break into a cold sweat. My eyes become misty and lips dry. What I see in front of me is what nightmares are made of. A new beginning. The blank canvas. An empty artboard. And an even more empty mind.

So what am I supposed to do? A brand-new brief suddenly makes its way into my life, and I’m supposed to miraculously come up with something that looks fantastic? Am I supposed to switch on the “Be Creative” button, and kick-start the gears in my (rusty) brain and IDEATE? Try as I might, nothing of that sort happens. On the contrary, I think I go into a mind-numbing state of calm. I’ve spoken to a lot of my colleagues and most of us art-directors go through more or less the same phases.


Phase 1
There’s plenty of time for this. What the hell is she wearing? I need another cup of coffee NOW. 99 likes on my Facebook DP! Woohoo!


Phase 2
Behance and Pinterest are my best friends right now. I could spend all day looking at amazing design. Wait, what was the brief again?


Phase 3
No big deal. Happens to the best of us. Once I crack the design, it will all be over in a jiff. Time for a tea break.


Phase 4 
Pressure Cooker
Okay so I thought I would have had a start by now. Where did all this time go? Should I quit my job? Am I dumb? Should I have chosen another career?


Phase 5
Zen Master
Let’s start with shapes. Let’s make a square. Let’s make a circle. Let’s give it a dashed stroke. Let’s just keep the mouse moving. I think I’m finally making something that looks good.


Phase 6
I’m the King of the World
How did I make this? When did I make this? I’ve ACTUALLY managed to come up with a creative solution to a brief! This is probably the best moment of my life. This is what I was born to do.


Image source: sajithansar.com/tag/design