May 20, 2015


While all of us had gone to high school, some of us may have paid attention to the lovely Botany diagrams. I say lovely now because back then they were daunting and information heavy, most of which could never percolate my thick brain.

In last few years or so, this has been revived and revised by designers all over the world and hence my romance with Botany got re-kindled.



As I scanned across the internet I found many delicious lifestyle applications of these in packaging, wedding themes, earthen pots, art-prints and upholstery.



You can try a few DIY applications of the same with some usual techniques of dipping leaves with thick veins in watercolor and imprinting them on the paper, we all have done these as kids, maybe it’s time to get your hands dirty again. Another great way of using them is to dig out old books for yellow paper effect(you can probably look for second-hand books market) or can just buy from the nearest bookstore, cut them out and frame them in a natural color wooden frame to get your Botany diagram fix.

You can go through some DIY techniques here

You can download free Botanical print-ready files from here