January 3, 2018

Make 2018 fruitful with these easy to follow Resolutions

New Year and Resolutions are like “Mac and Cheese” as it​ always goes​ hand in hand. 2018 has just started and like every year most of us must be grappling to keep our resolutions ​intact. The common resolution ​are to avoid junk, read more books, learn to drive etc but amidst all this we do not really think of promising ourselves of doing something which will make the world a better place​.

So here at Wishbox Studio, we have designed some resolutions which are easy to maintain and can be undertaken by a lazy person too. 😉


1) Avoid Plastic- Yes, you must have heard it multiple times by environmentalists ​and conscientious people​ to stop using plastic. While we believe it is mammoth of a task to completely avoid plastic we can at least limit its use. While the premium stores have replaced plastic bags with paper or jute bags, it is the vegetable vendors who are still using the same in plenty. This can be avoided by simply carrying one plastic bag in your bag all the time which can be used to keep the veggies. The space which a large folded plastic bag takes is not more than that taken by your phone.




2) Car Pool or Auto Pool- Carpooling is the key to avoid boredom and pollution while covering the long distances in the metro cities. How many times have you felt victorious when an auto-wallah agrees to drop you to your destination while other competitors might still stand defeated on the road in the hope of hearing a “yes” from the auto driver? Come on, you can offer them a drop if their destination is closer to yours. This will not only save you money but the load on the roads will also reduce thus reducing pollution. Not just car pooling or auto pooling, one can even opt for bike pooling these days, thanks to the various commuting mobile applications.




3) Plant a sapling on your desk- We all say that we need to plant more trees but let us start from your workplace. There are umpteen indoor plants which are not just ornamental but help in elevating the green quotient in your surroundings too. Coleus, Snake plant, Succulents are some of those options which require less water and almost zero maintenance. These tiny saplings not only help in providing you with fresh oxygen but also add that quirkiness to your oh-so-boring workstation. We have already started doing that at Wishbox Studio and it is helping us to elevate our moods too. :)




4) Feed a needy- Most of us are not comfortable in giving money to a beggar but a pack of biscuit will surely not burn a hole in our pocket instead​ will bring a smile on the ​innocent faces. Offer ​a pack or Parle-G or a Vada-Pav and your list of good deeds gets​ updated.




5) Discard a book judiciously- When the session ends the hurry is to discard the books by giving it to a “scrap dealer”. If we are fortunate enough to buy books then we do not need that extra money by selling the same to the scrap-dealer. Just recycle the books by giving those​to your juniors or someone who cannot afford as that will take both of us ahead in life. Not just textbooks, one can even pass on novels or biographies by exchanging those​with the fellow bibliophiles. We all know paperbacks are sometimes really expensive and once done reading becomes almost useless so why not save a fortune by just exchanging the same.





If we are able to follow just three from the ones listed above then the world may become a “Better place for you and the entire universe”.


Wish you all a very Happy 2018! Have a great year ahead!