November 10, 2017

Why you should give up sex and dedicate your life to graphic design


Think we’re making this up? Sex and graphic design are very similar and for anyone with an overactive creative mind, we suggest keeping your naughty thoughts in check and focusing only on creativity!


Sweaty palms, a fluttering heart and a nascent, but slowly growing feeling of nausea- The first time lurks like a monster of fear and uncertainty in front of the best of us. Performance anxiety is at an all time high at this point.

Now think of the feelings you encounter at the beginning of any creative job. In front of that virgin, blank canvas we’re all just first-timers. But what do these gruelling feelings lead to? Eventually, with perseverance, the fighter is left with a work of art – original, creative and cohesive. And what about Mr. Sexy who decided to go in for the kill? Still sweaty, spent, with nothing but a hazy memory and a deep craving for a cigarette!


Let’s face it, all designers are essentially explorers. We spend hours looking for that perfect reference that we think would solve all our problems. We don’t mind taking our time. In fact, we even like to take things slow. But as we soldier on through this process by doodling, sketching, making a colour palette and looking through thousands of references, we are essentially working towards our creative goal. We know exactly what all of this is leading to- that moment when an idea suddenly sparks up and we know that amazing design will now ensue.

This is nothing at all like the explorer in bed however. Here, exploration may lead to utter confusion- hands that will shake, clasps that cannot be unclasped and things that cannot be found, can leave the explorer exhausted (or bored), with no sight of the end goal!


Ever cursed a stiff back in bed? Or read through that oh-so-perfect Kama Sutra and wonder why God chose only you to be so completely devoid of flexibility? Finding that perfect style and that perfect position in bed can get tricky and can leave you with nothing but a sore back and a bad reputation (these things stick for life!)

Graphic design is more welcoming to the poor souls cursed with rigid bodies. A flexible mind is all that you need as you try out different colours, typography and images. No questions, no judgement, only great design!


Alright we can’t deny this, both sex and graphic design have really great climaxes. Whether conquests are made in the bedroom or in front of the system where a great idea is made to marry great design, both feelings are overwhelmingly powerful. But what comes after? Graphic design leaves you with your neck held high- that proud feeling when you hit send and you know that a really, really great work of design has reached fruition cannot be replaced by anything else. You know that you have managed to solve a problem with a creative solution and that if the world is made up of “thinkers” and “dumb-dumbs” , you’ve secured your place as a “thinker”.

And what about the unsung bedroom hero? After those seconds of nirvana, he looks around blankly and closes his eyes. As he drifts off to sleep with a faint smile on his face, he doesn’t realise that he’s going to bed with no tangible achievement and no original thought. Goodnight, dumb-dumb!